Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keystone Top to Bottom park run

Every day I've been bringing my video camera up to the mountain. I figure I have the equipment, so I might as well have it just in case. For three days it's sat there in my bag not getting any love. Wednesday was different though, as the lines grew shorter and the crowds died down, I noticed a good buddy of mine (Mike Grab) sitting and taking a break. He kindly offered to get one top to bottom run on film as I decided to call it a day.

It's a known fact in the snowboard world and life in general, its never good to call Last run... So with my lips sealed I dropped into the dreaded last run of the day. There isn't much else to say but Danger.... With that all said take a quick peep into a single run through Keystone's infamous Area 51!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early Season video shenanigans

Early Season video shenanigans

Be sure after your done reading to check out Doug Cushnie's awesome video recap!!!!!!!!

As most all of you are aware by now, things are pretty much full swing here in Colorado. The Colorado Mountains have a pretty sweet progression of ride able terrain. The winter begins with Arapahoe Basin where they open up a single run in early October and herds of college students, Denverites, and summit local’s flock to get there fix of snow. This white strip of death is a little much for me, so I decided to wait the crowds out and head up on a nice sunny Tuesday about 2 weeks after the mountain was open. I ventured up to A-Bay with a new board on my feet, Doug Cushnie accompanying me with a camera and ready to get the season started right!

 As the temps cool down, and Snow guns blast snow, Keystone resort opens with a few runs and a 22 feature park. As far as jibbing goes, there is no where better to be late October. With a Gondola running, a park full of rails, and a chair lift just for that park what more is there to ask for. No doubt the crowds are abundant, but it's worth fighting your way through the lift lines for the feeling of sliding some metal with your friends. No matter what day of the week, you’re bound to find a number of crews filming and trying to get the shot. This time with a solid crew of riders, our trusty man behind the camera and the sun shining we decided to join the many crews and get some shots ourselves.

 While Keystone is obviously the jibber’s paradise, my self and many others patiently await the opening of Breckenridge, and the Triple line that opens with it. After a solid night hanging out with some good homies at my pad in Blue River, we headed up nice an early to get some of that Breck jump line action. The crowds were unfathomable bur well worth the wait to get some of that air time. We obviously got some shots, but the main goal of Breck opening day was fun, friends, and high fives which was nothing short of a success. 

With all that said I appreciate your following of my blog and the stories with in. Now grab a seat, sit back, and enjoy a little journey into the beginning of our winter.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The last Friday before Thanksgiving Sam Bell, and my self headed up to Breckenridge nice and early to put down a little first try run... For those who may not understand what this means. We literally rode up the chair lift and dropped into the jump line, no warm up runs or anything. Breckenridge is on point with their early season park, but with that said it's nothing too gnarly. So please watch this with a grain of salt and come back for more through out the season.

Thanks for watching, and please stay tuned -Seth

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snowboard Mag online showing me some love

Snowboard magazine showing me some love this current season... 
Had a pretty awesome day getting some shots with Alex Nawrocky, while checking out the awesome early season park they have set up. Be sure to scroll through the gallery to see all the awesome features they have up

Next in store, I was up at Breckenridge Mountain for the 50th Anniversary opening day hanging with some friends and catching some air time on their opening day triple line. Please follow the link below and read up on all the action that went down on that amazing 11/11/11

Thanks for tuning and be sure to check in next week for my Vail Opening Day recap!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keystone Opening day edit on Snowboard mag

As winter is upon us, more and more resorts are opening. This past friday Keystone opened up with 25 features in their area 51 park. Not too shabby if you ask me. Snowboard magazine was on site, to give you a short video and photo gallery to view. Check the link below to see for yourself.

Link: opening day recap

With the arrival of the first snow in Boulder, everyone's excitement level hit the ceiling and immediately plans were getting made…How we can get the most out of this snow. For your standard person snow in town means you have to shovel your driveway, wear more layers, and scrap your vehicle off. For Snowboards and Skiers it means two things; possibly powder in the mountains and jibbing in the city. For me I chose jibbing in the city, with my expectations of having a full part in this year’s Wild Card Movies, and Aunti films I knew I had to get to work. What that means it stacking video clips. We all know that snow in boulder doesn't last that long, you have 3 or 4 days max, and the first 2 days are your prime opportunities. That means getting a crew together the night before it snows and getting a plan set. Now the feature or jib the crew is going to hit is never a 100%, so setting your meeting place and plan of attack is the best way to go. For us we put together a few riders from the CU snowboard team, a solid filmer, and some homies to help out.
Myself, getting a little early morning pole tap
Joey Dryer, sending
 Day 1: With a solid foot of snow on the ground the opportunities were endless. What should we hit first, how’s the bust factor, what will be most time efficient and so on. As a rider you know you’re only going to get a few spots in a day, so we met up and got to work. We were in a difficult spot with this first day of snow, everyone's legs were rusty, and we were having trouble deciding on a feature to hit. We tried to keep it close to home with a quick setup and just to start getting clips logged. With only a few minor scrapes and bruises, we retired from the first spot, everyone pretty happy with the tricks they got. we moved on to our next feature of choice; this one took a bit more planning, with the addition of the RedBull Suga and the grinch we needed to find a spot that was cool enough for the RedBull vehicle to post up and feature able for everyone to get a few shots. With this said the second spot was just as much of a success with everyone once again getting at least one trick.
Filmer; Brendan Barry taking a quick break
Myself, testing the fatty to flatty gap

Day 2: Everyone slightly tired and beat from day 1, we began the adventure in search of something that was creative photogenic and not too extreme. Our crew had changed a bit and we now had a photographer in the mix which means our spots had to be interesting. As I was itching to keep riding I called Derrek Shorrock who had been scouting spots in boulder and met up with him. The two of us began setting up a pretty unique feature, and as the feature was ready to hit and everyone else arriving the property owners came out to tell us to leave. With all that work and time I decided to run up the hill and give it a few tries before we officially got kicked out; so with Jon Hill snapping some photos, and Benny Hernriech on the video camera, I sprinted up and got my trick before it was too late. With a trick landed on that spot we met up with Brendan Barry to head over to the next location to concur.  This one had been hit in years prior, but as light was going quick we knew it would be a quick set up and could get some more shots. As this one was a bit harder on the knees not everyone really felt like hitting the "Fatty to Flatty". Joeseph Dryer stepped up though and put down a pretty perfect bs 3 on it, which everyone was super pumped on. As a long day’s session was closed with an awesome shot, we refueled for a night mission. 
Joey Dryer, bs 180 all day
Derrek Shorrock, getting a proper fsboard
Night 2: With sights set high, the crew headed out to the first spot in mind and got shut down quickly. So deciding to take a more positive approach headed to a rail we all knew was a go. Once again everyone had a awesome session, each putting down their own tricks and feeling pretty happy with our efforts with the snow we had. Rail missions are a pretty unique part of the snowboard industry. Everyone sees the contests and dreams about the back country, but what most don't realize is the urban aspect of the industry. The Urban scene is a big part of the filming world, and a pretty amazing way for snowboarders to express their creativity and do their own thing. No lift lines to wait in, no Ski patrol telling you how to ride, and no scores to worry about. The urban environment and filming part of the industry is an important part of Snowboarding because of the individualism as well as collective efforts towards a greater good. Everyone is pushing each other and out there having a good time and trying to make the best of the situation. The moral of all of this, is no matter what or how you’re doing it, snowboarding is a lifestyle and we should all be out there trying to get any aspect of it as possible.
Benny Hernriech, what you know about lip tap 180
Kit Hendrickson, getting the tail press shot

Myself, mid swoop, mid