Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 Snowboarder Magazine Super Park Standout

Super Park 16, Super Park Standout

Video filmed by Jeremy Dubs

   A year ago this may marked one of the greatest moments in my snowboarding adventures, and something that will truly stick with me for life. That accomplishment was being awarded with snowboarder magazines, Gatorade "Driven from within Superpark 16 Standout. Kind of a lengthy title but basically stands for; Super Park winner, haha, which isn't quite the case... but gets the point across.

     Let me back up a second with a little snowboard industry info... For those of you who don't follow the snowboard world, Snowboarder Magazine is for lack of a better word the coolest and most respected snowboard magazine there is, you have three major ones in the US including Transworld which hosts a bit more of the professional side of the industry, and Snowboard Magazine which I would say the more artsy side, obviously it's not quite that specific but you can catch my drift. Along with those, you have tons of international ones and state wide mags, but basically those are the three people think of when they think about Snowboard magazines. I suggest you all go and check them out to see which fits your own style. With Snowboarder Magazine really exemplifying the snowboarders take and realness of the life we live, hence why an acknowledgment is that much more significant. Now with that said for the past 16 years the magazine throws an event called SUPER PARK,  here they invite 300 of the worlds most elite snowboarders and set them free in literally the worlds best terrain park at that time. They invite the park builders from the country's top resorts and allow them to design and build what ever features they choose. Now these five days, being at mt bachelor this year was all time!!!! With numerous huge jumps and other unique features riders went crazy filming and getting photos taken of their best maneuvers and tricks. At the end of this week Snowboarder Magazine holds a video contest, which all the brands compete to win, as well as awarding a standout. One rider decided by the snowboarder staff that they feel excelled and fully stood out each year. Gatorade than provides them with some money a trophy, a year of Gatorade, and the title of "Driven from Within". Only 15 others can claim this title, including Travis Rice, and Scotty Vine, so definitely means a lot to me. 

     Now with some background on the event, gaining this award was far from easy, and wouldn't have come with out the help of my sponsors providing great equipment, all the other riders pushing the level, and my crew I was working with; including Jeremy Dubs of Wild Card Movies, Ethan Stone the boss of photography, my little brother Sy Murdoch for putting me up and being an amazing host, and obviously Pat Bridges for all the private shoot invitations. Its with out a doubt that I have never worked so hard in my life for five days straight on my snowboard, I put in a 12 hour day, tried tricks 30 times till it was perfect, and hiked my ass off till I was kicked out...Literally. It was all obviously worth it, and it was nice to really see my hard work and dedication pay off.