Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gotta get back on snow

So if your just tuning in and have not read anything before than I should explain that I broke my back 7 months ago out at Mt Hood trying to take a feature a bit to big. "Full Story here"

Now I never really imagined I'd be where I am already, I mean im not the type to just sit around and hope things look up. but you also dont figuring on being 100% healed from a major broken back in 6 months either. I have to say my Doctor never officially gave me the "go" to snowboard. But he also said my back had completely fused, and it wasn't necessarily any worse off then before the accident. So I took that as a "take it easy"

I was fortunate enough to have a purpose and slow approach back onto the board by hanging and coaching Chris Corning around Colorado for the month of December. I basically just followed him around telling what tricks to try and filming for little edits and review, literally the perfect way to spend some time on the slopes with out too much motivation to try any tricks.

As the month passed and I got my take it easy from the doc I started working on a few tricks and getting my legs back. For the most part nothing more then a trick every now and then, but enough to know that I was feeling pretty strong. And on that note I thought it would be fun to put together a little Top-to-Bottom. Far from my best work, or best run but definitely a testament to working hard, wanting it, and not letting your fears rule your world.

So here is that video, 1 T-to-B run through Breckenridge's park-lane terrain park.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

RGW on iTunes

I have to say it still doesn't quite seem real that my movie "ReallyGottaWanna" is up on iTunes. It was literally just over a year ago that I was contemplating what I should do with my winter. After some guidance from my Coach - Pat A, Team Manager - Marc Vitelli, and Dad we came up with the idea that I would set out to document my winter and attempt to show the stories behind the riding.

Now to say that, that this little movie idea is up on iTunes is a bit surreal. Obviously this project couldn't have happened with the help from my assistant producer Tom Howell (redbull.com/snow), assistant editor Jeremy Dubs, and most importantly Kurt Jenson who transformed my footage into a true story.

I will forever hold Really Gotta Wanna as a true testament as to what I can accomplish, I couldn't be more proud of what the movie became, and so stoked to have worked with so many great riders and people!