Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day after hump day edit

Hope everyone's morning is going great, this week I am starting a new little project... from today till the end of the season (and possibly longer) I will be putting up a short edit on my blog. It may be of me, a friend, something artsy...who knows. But any ways I hope you all stay tuned in and keep coming back.

For this first edition, I bring to you one spring break day with myself and Nate Minatta of Skeptic productions. He put together the footage from one day into a pretty legit edit. Hope you all like and share the love, leave a comment, re post on your facebook anything counts! Thanks guys

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Washingtontrip part 2, Stevens Pass

Washington part 2!
As I met up with Nick Ennen and Andy Stern in Monroe Washington I new this was going to be a legit trip...the ford f-150 pulled up in front, two sleds on the sled deck and some good tunes sure the look of excitement was apparent in my eyes!
I hopped in the luggage filled truck and we rolled up to Kurt Jenson Eco-house. As we arrived up at kurts house we were greates with the cheerful laughs of his daughter and the smiling faces of laura hadar, and Forrest Burki. After a few beers, some shot review, and location deciding we called it a night and hit the sack. I knew tomorrow was going to be a good day with plenty of adventuring to be had.
We arrived up to Stevens pass with a bit of sun poking through and some warm temperatures on hand. We unloaded the sleds grabbed our gear and were on the trail. After a mellow, mile long side hill with a creek bed on one side or a 15ft dropped to concrete we were finally on the actual trail. 
As we came to a clearing I looked up still expecting to see something crazy, instead I just saw a ridiculously sleep empty face with some avalanche sluff. Nick hits the throttle and sores his sled straight up the face, no hesitation, no stopping just blazing a trail. Unfortunately this face was a bit to steep to double up, so I began my hike as Andy, and Forrest got their sleds up the hill.
Another 30 minutes of sledding or so and some avi-slide crossing we breaker for lunch to decide our game plan for the day. The snow was a little wet, weather a bit gray bird, so we decoded to head high and get some tree shelter. As we arrived to the top of the hill I realized this was the pillow zone, almost everywhere we looked were just pillow lines. We blazed a shuttle pack and got all of us up on top the slope with Nick camera in hand.
We made our way down the slope one feature at a time, Forrest taking the first pillows, Andy a little slash, and myself a little dropper. I was trying to ride my best and do anything to impress these guys, I mean my first time filming with them and needed to make sure they know I have what it takes. I put down a few hits and lines and think I accomplished what I needed to. Another party lap and we decided to call it a day. As the clock hit 8pm we were all out of our wet gear in the car and figuring out where to crash for the night, and what zone to hit. Rain was poring down, we were all beat from the day sledding so we retired to kurt's again to get some rest to send it bright and early the next day...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Washington trip part 1

Washington trip!
If you've been following my adventures at all you know it's been a contest filled season, as spring comes the contests don't necessarily come to an end. 
I arrived back from the us open with an interesting predicament, two contests were in a week both with different things going for them. On one hand I had "take the lake" a triple jump contest at alpine meadows in Tahoe that I knew would be a super fun time. I figured I got second at the contest last year and had a blast so knew that was a sure good thing. On the other hand I had the ride shakedown at snowqualmie WA. I heard this one wasn't very good last year, but is a 4 star TTR event, and has some very influential people attending ad watching. In the end I decided to go for the smart decision and go to shakedown to help my career out instead of the fun aspect.
In retrospect everything worked out perfect, the contest in Tahoe ended up getting cancled, snoqualmie was super fun, and i think I made a good impression on some key people. With that all said the trip was quite last minute and pretty hectic to set up. I definitely would not have been able to do it with out the help from screamer beanies who put me up at the hotel for the weekend and sims for the money for the plan ticket
The ride shakedown turned out to be one of the most fun contests I rode all year. Awesome vibe, good setup and good people. This Washington trip has even turned another leg towards the best, as I realized upon landing in WA that the wild card productions crew is located here, and I've been meaning to film with them all year.
As the contest came to a close I put a call into my buddy Nick Ennen who kinda runs the show out in the northwest. I met up with Nick and Andy stern in monroe and we headed up to kurt's Eco-house to crash for the night before we headed out to Steven's pass to do some snowmobiling. And at that I'll leave it till the next installment of this Washington blog post. Stay tuned for the rap up of the back country adventures.

Seth Hill back in the NORTHWEST

Hanging out in Washington with the wild card production crew! Stay tuned for the recap...stuffs going to go down!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you want snowboarders to have a voice please read and check out W.A.S.

If we don’t take a stand today snowboarding will eventually be a sport that we no longer recognize. Currently TV executives, Event Sponsors, and Event organizers make the decisions impacting the future of snowboarding.
This process happens behind the scenes and is decided without any consideration of the athletes that risk their lives for the sport. This type of bureaucracy allows the events to reap profit while most of the athletes struggle to afford travel, housing, and food while attending these events.
“We Are Snowboarding” is a riders union comprised of competitive snowboarders who wish to have their voice heard. WAS is the voice of the professionals athletes that are looking out for the best interests regarding the future of snowboarding.
- We are the riders who make television happen.
- We are the riders that attract big money to events.
- We are the riders who promote sponsors on our backs, boards and helmets.
- We are the individuals risking it our health and life for the sport.
WAS will seek to preserve the sport of snowboarding by making the athletes voices heard.
- WAS will decide a BOARD of active snowboarding Directors
- WAS will internally define the objectives that are most important to the athletes
- WAS will work to develop a healthy schedule for travel and competitions
- WAS will work to bring a satisfactory pay scale for athletes travel and expenses

So please go to and support the cause, this could finally give snowboards the say we deserve.

Overshooting a jump

Here's a video of the mammoth grand prix in which I overshot the first jump

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Killington DEWTOUR Course run though video

better late than never...made an edit from the second stop of the DEW TOUR at Killington. Please click the link below and enjoy a POV run through the course.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The beginning to the end...

    A few weeks ago I headed out to Utah for the first part of my current adventure. A board bag in one hand with a variety of boards, A duffel with enough clothes to last me two weeks in the wild, and a camera pack with all the essentials. I left DIA with a strange mix of feelings, I knew this was going to be a great trip, but I also knew it was my last big adventure of the winter.
    With this year being my first real year in the wild...traveling the world and experiencing all the snowboard world has to offer, I knew I was going to need plenty of friends and family to help me make it through alive. Utah being so close to home and such a great place I had plenty of resources to draw on. Not only did my parents come out from Oregon to watch me compete in the Dew Tour, but I had Dustin of the Wasatch project to help coach, and plenty of old boulder class mates to hang out with in SLC. 
    As the Dew Tour came to an end, and a week in a half of down time before the next contest I decided to have some fun with the friends around Utah. I started my adventures under the awesome hospitality of the Wasatch project at their house in Ogden. With the team having passes to Snowbasin and Park City it looked like those places were going to be my stomping grounds for the next two weeks.
    You never realize how fast time goes by until its coming to end, after filming with Corbin and Adam at Park City (thank you Mischa and Jeremy Cooper) and taking pow laps at Snowbasin (Thanks Steve Andrus). I packed up my gear and got ready for the next stop of the adventure...Mammoth Mtn. for the US Snowboarding GrandPrix slopestyle.
   I will never forget those few weeks in Utah though, Always great time to be had with great people.
-Thanks again Steve Andrus of Snowbasin, and Jeremy Cooper of Park City you guys made the trip for me!