Saturday, February 4, 2017

Back home where the goods are at.

Its no question I've been in this game for awhile now, I've been around the world, endured just about every weather situation and most all types riding. To be honest this year I've struggled to find the goods... As much as I love Colorado and even though we did had the first chair open in the country, our season didn't really start till the end of December. I've had a few solid days in the streets of Denver, and a couple of decent park days but for some reason the weather patterns just haven't worked with my schedule.

Until a trip back home that is, to Southern Oregon's Mt. Ashland to be exact where I found 2 days of riding pow that truly brought that love back. Don't get me wrong I will never stop loving and being passionate about snowboarding but sometimes cloudy, cold park laps just don't cut it... That was far from the case while up at Mt Ashland. Yes we had clouds and cold but we also had fresh perfect knee deep powder, insane tree runs and some really fun jumps. On top of all of that and I think what really made the trip as amazing as it was, was the group of staff, locals and other riders sharing the stoke and positive vibes!

All in all the trip was unreal, thank you to all the locals for letting us help out the media staff with a few early ups with the ski patrol, and thanks to all the staff for the support and help while out there.

Here is to the hidden gem called Mt. Ashland and an amazing rest of the season a head of everyone!