Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Camp Shinnanigans

This summer I was amazingly hired by High Cascade Snowboard Camp. We are officially 2 sessions down and I am loving it. Tons of great staff, tons of great campers, and so many new friends. It is easy for me to see that applying here had to be one of the best decision ever, and if I hadn't been finishing up school I know I would have been here sooner.

With all that said camp is so much more than a job. The amount of fun activities is ridiculous, I mean the amount of things I do here in one day, would easily rival that of a standard week anywhere else. Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Dodge ball, the possibilities are endless. Obviously the main reason everyone is here is snowboarding, and god its good. H.C.S.C has outdone its self again I'm sure and put up an amazing park. With more rails than I know what to do with, and a perfect jump, Id say I'm at the right place.

I hadn't really realized before hand, what coaching would do for me but I have come to realize quite quickly that it's helping my cause. I find myself thinking and analyzing my tricks way more, and can actually see it in my style. Coaching has made me much more aware, and can't wait to see the end result in a month and a half.
Photo: Eric Dummer

Photo: Eric Dummer

While snowboarding may be the reason were all here, the other activities and new friends definitely don't suck! Skating, as always is a blast, and with all the young rippers coming through camp it's fun to actually learn tricks from them. On the topic of skateboarding, between sessions, my roommates Ben Ross, and Alex Rodway, and myself went on a bit of a skate adventure. Hitting up skate park's such as hood river, ed Benedict, and Burnside, its easy to see why being a skateboarding in the state of Oregon is awesome! Just check out these photos to see how awesome

All in all Id say the summer is off to a great start, and I can't wait to see what else is to come!

Thanks to everyone who helped kick this summer off to an amazing start...Steven at Celtek, Everyone at HCSC, Everyone at Sims, Smith, Eric Dummer, Josh at Burn and obviously all those awesome campers!!!

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