Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Method mag showing some love

                                  Method Magazine Photo of the Week.

The other week I was honored to get a photo of me in the Method magazine "shot of the week." Not only is this an honor due to Method mags presence in the snowboard scene, but as an American to get love by European magazine is a pretty awesome feeling.

I have to say I'm a little surprised it took so long for something to actually happen with the photo. Great photographer and close friend Alba killed it with a completely new and unique photo. A photo different than the amount of overwhelmingly repetitious shots of snowboard photos, all great in there own right but this just seemed new to me. I personally have never seen a shot like it before, it exemplified the lack of snow in Colorado and our desperation to get out and try and make something of it. The photo really takes in the scene and focuses less on the trick, but more on the surroundings and uniqueness of the spot; Which I feel is what makes snowboarding so unique. 

As it says in the post we had scoped the spot a few times, trying to decide if it was really do-able, than one day we just stopped and said screw it, let's make this work. After one time of rolling down the dirt hill, I adjusted to the pitch and stomped the cornice drop. It was by far one of the most interesting and difficult to adjust to feelings I've ever experienced on my snowboard, feeling the dirt grabbing at the base trying to stop me in my tracks, while the sluff of the dirt than tried to push me in its own way at the same time. Either way Some how I made It down the hill still on my feet and all in one piece.

At the end of the day this photo shows how there really is no limit of what we can do on our boards or how outside of the box you can get. Snowboarding isn't all about triple corks, 100 stair rails, and 150 ft jumps. Yes all of those are great, but in my opinion challenging yourself to think of something new, experiment and make the most out any situation is really what makes cool photos and creates a different sense of accomplishment.

Please check out the post on Method Magazine HERE

Thank you for tuning in and sorry about the lack of posts currently, been trying to concentrate more on my snowboarding and less on the outside world, but I'm working to get back on my blog a whole lot more.

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