Friday, September 2, 2016

GottaBoard Series on RB

New Post in depth about my new project GottaBoard coming soon! in the mean time Check out the three episodes up on RedBull and let me know what you think!

Episode 1, Gotta Work It
The story of what it takes to snowboard backcountry like a boss!

Episode 1, is the first installment of the three part series of GottaBoard, it follows riders such as Nicolas Muller, DBK, and lots of other amazing riders as we explore and take on Switzerland at its best!

Episode 2: Gotta Create It
A look behind the scenes as Jamie Nicholls, and Nick Hyne do what ever it takes to make it in the world of snowboarding.

Two riders on opposite sides of the world, show what it takes to make it in this industry, putting in the work and getting create to keep living the dream we call snowboarding.

Episode 3: Gotta want it
The least glamour-us, hardest working part of the snowboard world, wanting it and getting after it in the streets.

Two Colorado locations, two crews and so many crazy moments, these riders understand what it means to Gotta Board, putting in the time, dedication and dropping everything to make the most out of street snowboarding.

If you liked this series please check out my movie which sponed my interest in video production: Really Gotta Wanna, a look at what it takes to make it as a pro snowboarder!


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