Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early Season video shenanigans

Early Season video shenanigans

Be sure after your done reading to check out Doug Cushnie's awesome video recap!!!!!!!!

As most all of you are aware by now, things are pretty much full swing here in Colorado. The Colorado Mountains have a pretty sweet progression of ride able terrain. The winter begins with Arapahoe Basin where they open up a single run in early October and herds of college students, Denverites, and summit local’s flock to get there fix of snow. This white strip of death is a little much for me, so I decided to wait the crowds out and head up on a nice sunny Tuesday about 2 weeks after the mountain was open. I ventured up to A-Bay with a new board on my feet, Doug Cushnie accompanying me with a camera and ready to get the season started right!

 As the temps cool down, and Snow guns blast snow, Keystone resort opens with a few runs and a 22 feature park. As far as jibbing goes, there is no where better to be late October. With a Gondola running, a park full of rails, and a chair lift just for that park what more is there to ask for. No doubt the crowds are abundant, but it's worth fighting your way through the lift lines for the feeling of sliding some metal with your friends. No matter what day of the week, you’re bound to find a number of crews filming and trying to get the shot. This time with a solid crew of riders, our trusty man behind the camera and the sun shining we decided to join the many crews and get some shots ourselves.

 While Keystone is obviously the jibber’s paradise, my self and many others patiently await the opening of Breckenridge, and the Triple line that opens with it. After a solid night hanging out with some good homies at my pad in Blue River, we headed up nice an early to get some of that Breck jump line action. The crowds were unfathomable bur well worth the wait to get some of that air time. We obviously got some shots, but the main goal of Breck opening day was fun, friends, and high fives which was nothing short of a success. 

With all that said I appreciate your following of my blog and the stories with in. Now grab a seat, sit back, and enjoy a little journey into the beginning of our winter.

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