Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dew Tour Results...

Dew tour slopestyle recap Well my time at killington Dew Tour Slopestyle has come to an end after an exciting  start in qualifiers.

 After a wild, icy, and windy practice day on tuesday, All the riders showed up nice and early for qualifiers ready to send it. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how great the course is, it's hard to be on your A game with ice, and wind. As I watch the riders ahead of me struggle with speed and the conditions, I talked to the ISTC coach Brady and got a bit of advice on switching my run up. Let's say it worked, after my first run I was sitting in second place. And as the last riders finished their runs, scores had not changed and I would be advancing into the semi finals sitting in second place.

A Sick photo of me courtesy of the Dew Tour
 A mellow night with the boys and back to the slopes bright and early. As no contest is ever perfect, we arrived to the mountain being on stand bye due to high winds. Sweet way to start a semifinals day; windy, and icy. With high practice ambitions my efforts were cut down with a fairly dangerous hour with a solid 20mph tail wind. This resulted in every rider overshooting just about every feature, and some weary competitors. With surprisingly no major injuries the contest started as weather decided to begin switching once again. Now as sketchy as it in with 20mph wind, at least it was constant, by the time I was dropping wind hang changed to random gusts, making it a bit harder to judge.

Homie Chuck G

 I dropped in constantly watching the flags and trying to gauge speed. As I approached the last jump flawless run so far, I put in an extra check used to the speed for the wind and popped off the lip ready for the late dip back 10. I instantly knew I didn't have enough speed, but I was too late, I had committed to the trick. Luckily making it around to my feet I landed, my body compressed as I hit the knuckle. Not quite a crash, but definitely not a land I rolled back up to the top to cheer on the rest of my buds, and get ready for my second run.

 Run 2 started off a bit more sketchy but on my feet none the less. As I approached the first jump I saw the Dew around banner whipping in the wind, I put in some extra checks expecting the gust.As  I took off,  the wind stopped and so did my moment once again knuckling and butt checking. At this point I knew my run was done and I didn't have the speed for the fs 10, wanting to show some style I popped into the slowest cork 360 of my life, finishing with the bs 9, I knew it wasn't enough and my time competing here in killington had come to an end.

After Party!!
 Another great Dew Tour experience with some amazing run out down by some of the best riders in the world! My hat goes off to the top three led by my personal current favorite contest rider Eric Willett and finished off by first time podium placed Justin Morgan! Nice work boys!!! Now back to Colorado to get some new tricks to bring to the Snowbasin Toyota Championships in Utah in two weeks.  As always thanks for checking in, following my adventures, and you stay wild world!!!


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