Thursday, January 12, 2012

Switzerland Wrap up

Davos wrap up

So as the contest has come to an amazing end so has my trip to Switzerland. The Snow was amazing, the people were great and I'm already looking forward to coming back next year. Now with that said I'd like to give everyone a little recap of how things went down.

Starting from where my blog about qualifiers left off...
-day 4 qualifiers/ the kind of calm before the storm...
-day 5 quarterfinals/ semi finals/ POW DAY FOR ME

As you know by now I unfortunately did not advance on to quarterfinals, luckily this wasn't the worst thing to happen. The storm which no one expected to be to this magnitude, hit, and it hit hard; dumping well over a meter that night, And not slowing down at all during the day. With all the new snow everyone decided to waste no time and get some face shots!

A constant snowfall and super flat light lead to the only intelligent decision to be push the qualifiers till the night and include them in the semifinals. What this meant was a larger semi-final but at least the riders could all see. Yet with such a sick powder day, everyone's legs were beat and hitting a jump was the last thing on their minds. As semi's concluded, the field of 46 was narrowed to 16. Of those 16 heavy hitters Eric Willet, Seppe Smits, and Mark McMorris were joined by big air under dogs such as Eric Beauchemin, Jamie Nicolls, and Roope Tonteri.

-day 6 men and woman finals/ bluebird Powder

With another night of snow and no break on the horizon everyone planned to stay in and catch the powder later in the day. That wasn't my plan though, with nothing but time on my hands I woke nice and early and got about 5 runs before there were any lines. Towards the end of these soul shred runs I luckily met up with the Jon weaver and the Nike 6.0 crew. Now with our crew all together we headed to the top to get some of the best pow ever. With the lift opening for the first time
In 3 days it was fresh turns and pillows from the top to the bottom.

A nice rest of the legs, some grub and a fresh memory card and we were ready for the men's finals. With snow not really slowing down but the urge to still hit the big kicker, riders were dropping from nearly 30 meters above the drop in to have enough speed.

The finals were nothing but amazing... Especially with the conditions! Multiple 1440's perfect double 1260's and an array of 10's put a difficult task on the judges. In the end a proper top 3 were awarded with the exception of Eric Willett getting 2nd instead of first. No one will deny an amazing final with the excitement level out the roof.

The rider’s party wrapped up another outrages trip to Davos and as I packed I got more and more excited to come back next year. I hoped a bus with some of the other riders back to Zurich and continued on my travels to Spain.

As always I appreciate the checking in on my adventures and please check back for my post about my current road trip around Southern Europe.

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