Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't just soak in Utah, go for the full ride!

The Adventure!

No one questions how amazing colorado is, but as April approached and the snow rapidly melted I knew it was time to head out west.The final destination may be mammoth, but as the say "it's not where you go, but how you get there". And when deciding who to sit shot gun on this ride i could think of no one better than friend and and photog/writer extraordinaire Albo Pardo!

As I said we were just as worried about the adventure as we we're the destination. So with the potential to ride some extra mountains, and see some extra friends we headed a bit north to Utah; Slc and Snowbird to be exact.

As with any area with an In-N-Out, we made our first stop and scarffed down some delicious animal style burgers. (someone had to take alba's In-N-Out viginity) As we waited for good homie and Utah efficianato Adam Drost to get off work, we hit up the American Fork skatepark and took my first turns on the skate since last summer. Not going to lie was pretty rusty and the 90 degree weather didnt help my cause, but it was nice to atleast roll around.

With some help from my friends at snowboard mag, our tickets and plan for snowbird were set. We met with communications manager Emily and some local Snowbird riders (Mark Edlund and crew)  hopped the tram ready to shred.

It's obviously late season and with Snowbird being known for big mountain, I wasn't really sure what to expect for the day. All the thoughts I did have were blown out of the water, as we reached the bottom of the 2 mile "Chips Run". Numerous fun hits and poppers, good steep pitches and a solid crew, I knew this was going to be a super fun day.

This was hands down the case, got plenty of shots (photos as well as face shots) and ended the day with nothing less than VIP treatment as we headed up to "The Cliff" to enjoy the roof-top spa with a nice dip in the pool and nap next to the hot tub. An amazing end to an awesome day at Snowbird thanks to Emily and Snowboard Magazine.

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