Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who needs gear when you have friends?

Who needs gear when you have Who needs gear when you have friends?

As one of my favorite Beatles songs goes "I get by with a little help from my friends" this was with out a doubt the case this past weekend at the Ride Shakedown at Mont Saint Sauveur Quebec. From getting picked up at the airport to late night sleeping on couches, to snowboarding in different gear, this weekend was fueled by willing and helpful friends! So thanks each and everyone of you! For booking me on flights (sis Erin), to loaning me gear (everyone), to driving me around (Benjamin and Frederyke) to hanging and helping me figure stuff out (Yale and entourage) to driving me back to the states (Joe), to having my back the whole time (shakedown staff) You all made  everything possible and so freaking fun!

Every bit of this trip had its hiccups; from missing my flight through DC and having to sleep on the floor of the Newark airport. To NEVER having my luggage arrive, To sleeping on the road at 4am, to atm's not working, to loosing my phone for a morning. nothing quite went as planned; but with that said its all about the adventure, and the adventure was AMAZING!!

I arrived into Montreal Friday morning with nothing but the bag on my back, and some high hopes. As 11:11am rolled around I set my sights high and wished for a podium and some money to come back home with. As finals came to a wrap my wish had come true and I took my place on the podium aside Seb Toots and Kim rune-Hanson. Honestly cannot begin to explain the honor of being on the podium next to these two amazing riders.  Have to say though its pretty ironic getting my first big podium, when I don't even have my board to bring up with me :)

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This whole situation has been the biggest testament to the fact that just relaxing and having fun pays off. I rode the contest in a pair of girls pants, a backwards cap, Joe Mango's goggles, Jeremy Thompson's board and bindings, and the vans demo dudes boots, hahahaha. And because of this I just rode and have fun, i didn't have my gear so i wasn't stressed to ride super well, i just wanted to have fun and put on a good show. I was with all my friends, tons of great fans and spectators under the lights, it would be impossible not to have a smile on my face. So with that said, THANKS again to all my homies that provided me the essentials to ride and make the podium.

I have to say that after Joe Mango was robed of his first place in the rail jam, I can't believe I ended up on the podium. Not to hate on the judging but Mango obviously should have won the rail jam, and didn't even make the podium so from that moment on lets say my expectations weren't to high. In the end things worked out, so this one goes to you Joe Mango who should have been first in the rail jam, and Jeremy Thompson who we all have in our hearts as he makes a strong and quick recovery from his crash Friday night, see you soon buddy, your the man. 

In closing what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and nothing good comes with out a little bad; so fight through the unfortunate events, make the best out of every situations and never stop having FUN, what ever you may be doing!!!

I wrote these for you everyone so hope you enjoy and let me know how I can make them better :)friends?

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