Friday, April 1, 2011

Arrived in Canada

So a full day of traveling I made it savely to Montreal Canada.
Eric Beauchemin picked me up from my house in Breck in his 2 wheel drive cougar and we began the adventure. barely remembering my passport and trunk barely closing and we were on the way. Eric's flight was in exactly three hours so lets just say we didnt waste anytime. Eric bailed out the car just in time to catch his flight and I went to park the car, as I arrived at my gate I noticed my 1:50 flight had now been delayed to 3:20 which meant my connection in newwark was going to be a tight one. I asked the lady at the front to take a look for me and see if I would be alright to make my connection. A few minutes went by, then she said I got you a ticket on a flight that's leaving now hurry up and get over there. So I ran to the near by gate and got on another flight to Newark, no time for even a bathroom break and I was on my way. As I arrived in Newark I began my mission for some dinner, after a nice 8 dollar sandwich I arrived at my gate. As time grew near I noticed the flight at the gate I was told is still not my flight. I asked the staff member and was told there had been a gate change, so now as I made my way to the other side of the airport my flight got delayed an hour in a half. No more rushing, just more time hanging out in Newark. A hop and a skip later I arrived in Montreal Canada for the first time. A confused wonder through the airport, and a random phone call and I was picked up by an airport shuttle, and shuttled to the Hilton inn for the night before heading to Quebec the next day.

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