Friday, April 22, 2011

Mid April back country missions

After a nice Break from the snowboard world this past weekend working the Redbull 1976 games at Copper, I got back at it full time... With a snowboard Colorado magazine shoot at Breck, then 2 days in the back country with I'd say it was a successful week.

The snowboard Colorado magazine shoot at Breck was pretty funny...unfortunately I was unable to partake in the early morning potion while it wad sunny. But seriously as I arrived the clouds and snow rolled in. No mind to the weather we decided to shoot anyways. We sent it till around 4:45 milking just about everything out of the features and weather that we could...

Now onto the exciting back country chapter of this blog. As the forecast read cloudy and snowy for Wednesday we figured it was going to be a bust, but with the reassuring confidence from Brent Meyer we decided to send it anyways out to vail pass. We had two jumps in mind, but with the first requiring more work than guessed we ended up just hitting that one till around 6pm. All in all it was a successful mission, we all got atlases one shot and definitely a few epic photos!

With a solid, tiring day in the back country on Wednesday I figured I'd just keep it mellow yesterday and go shred Breck with some friends. But that was definitely not the case! With chris garrison in town I figured I needed to get out there and get some more shots, so once again we loaded the sled and prepared for another mission. This one was only a few miles away so I was lied to ad told we would still be able to get some
Afternoon shred in at Breck... Not. We got the first jump set up Nd ready pretty quick but were all pretty close to tricks we wanted so ended up hitting it for a bit longer than planned. After we got done with the first jump were planning on hitting the second one which was similar just had some trees in the middle. For some reason one of the crew wasn't feint it. So he headed over to go build a new jump at 2pm... Unfortunately this new jump was no good for photos so we went back to the original second jump which had now lost the epic lighting it once had. Either way Ian and I headed up to send it anyways. Ian hit it about 3 times and I hit it twice, we got our shots and called it a wrap.

All in all it definitely can pay off to get out there and make something happen... Either way snowboarding is so much fun and can always be what you make it to be!

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