Friday, April 15, 2011

RedBull 1976 games at copper with the crew!

Getting RADD with Matt Koenig Tyler Anderson, Eric Bojan, and the rest of the crew...
We showed up in copper ready to work, but turned out we couldn't set much stuff up. After a funny drive up in the worst penske ever, Bobby not waving to Matt, and the truck not fitting in the parking garage we were there. We checked into our sick ass condos, got some beers and did a little walk through of the site. Its pretty obvious that this weekend is going to be crazy! I mean... we are currently in the process of testing the crunchyness of celery; we dropped some squishy celery into water to see if it would become more crunchy...NOPE...Bobby fail #1

Now on to the night for a little team dinner then to get


  1. What do think when you see a migit on a unicorn asking for a popsicle

  2. I would pull out a foldey campsters chair, crack a glow stick (being that twilight is approaching) and think to myself... Fack!... You unigit! That my friends, is a SEFF, getting RADD on the STOKE of STOKERATION!

  3. I like the stokeration....but what if twilight said f u and started s singing cee Lo and decided to be noon on a Sunday with gremlings looking for popcorn.

  4. Ooooooooooo Mr-stir Andersirzuki!!!! You mighta have just peaked over the preposterous proposition of peacock POP-corn-ulating poser hounds!!! You just wait for the tri-pink-float-popping-loaf-flipping-jump-Hoosierators that are about to STOKE the level of BAM in the world of the HTTM!!!!

    Decoding hint: HOTTUBTIMEMACHINE!!!!

  5. Well sucklemen Sam when you learn to rule the underworld of defcon 7 and really understand the way of the pop-corn-pop master, we might be on the same level. As of now Machinepopmeintothehottub. The members of a band told me to co-host MTV's you have turtleman syndrome"STARING" (K toe of the MK, with special guest patches-O-Hulahan, and Jimin Jameraqueiiiii