Monday, March 12, 2012

Mt. Baker Powder

Mt Baker Powder
Today marks a full week down hanging here in Washington with wild card movies. If you missed my blog about the first couple days check it here... First Time Experiences

After getting my Washington legs back under me riding the resort for a day we got to work building jumps for the next 3 days.  When it comes to jumps at baker you have a few token ones, but also plenty of new spots. (let's just say we got both)

The Road gap, Cat gap, and two step down jumps set the scene for us to get some solid shots. With the jump spots being a bit new to all of us nothing came to easy . With that said as goes with life nothing good comes easy. So we stayed at it, and made sure we didn't leave with out a solid lander on every feature.
Photographer: Carson Artac
Wildcard movies doesn't mess around no matter what the conditions. Dumping snow; were in the woods hitting pillows or poppers. Blue bird skies; were setting up kickers and sending it till its dark. Hopefully that gives you an idea of what goes on here in Baker, but if not stay tuned for my next blog about getting wild in the trees. Check out Filmer/ Photographer Jeremy Dubs and some of his awesome shots at Gallery on Mt. Baker Website

For a more in depth post on whats going on up at Mt. Baker with Wild Card Movies Check out the website!!! WILDCARDMOVIES

Hope what ever the conditions are for each of you your making the most out of your day!

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