Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Washington let's do this!!

Beginning of Washington shred with wild card movies After a fun and partially successful time at the grandprix I headed out to Washington to get some pow.

A travel day and night of rest and we got to work. Meeting up with Jeremy from wild card movies. While we waited for the snow to fall in baker, we headed out towards Stevenpass to meet up bergin-sperry and the rest of the crew. With a cool super aesthetically pleasing feature accomplished we rolled up to Bellingham.

Day 2 was nothing less than a legit old school Mt. Baker day. 20" of fresh snow, no lines a Filmer and photog we hit the slopes and got to work. Starting in the trees to stay out of snow we kept our eyes peeled for anything and everything. After some fun launchers, deep pow, and a quick lunch we headed out to finish the day strong. In short hotels, gun sight, and the road gap were all taken care of... Currently headed back out to baker to see what the sun can provide us.

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