Monday, March 5, 2012

Grand Prix Results and photos

Got a shot on the Snowboarder magazine website.

Grand prix The Us snowboarding Grand Prix; how can I even begin to explain this week. 1 day of ok visibility with 100mph wind gusts, 1 day of poor visibility with 70mph wind gusts, 1 day of horrible visibilty with 80mph wind, 2 days of perfect sunny California weather.

Emotions ran high as
the contest was postponed a second day... But with out a fail, weather cleared on the final day and the contest was on.  To keep it brief, the jumps were perfect, riding was solid, and a nice 10 hour day at mammoth mountain was had by everyone!!

The two heats of qualifiers wrapped up with 16 worthy competitors moving onto finals. US team Eric Willett led the pack with other standouts include Colorado local Colin Spencer, double back flipping Hunter Wood,  and young gun Ben Ferguson.  In the end Chas Guldemond came out on top with Sage Kotsenburg in second, and huge props to first time Grand Prix appearance Mark Hoyt with one of the coolest runs and a solid third place!! Definitely a crazy week in Mammoth for the Grand Prix, always a blast hanging with all the homies and hitting the perfect jumps at mammoth unbound park. Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for my updates from my back country  experiences here at Mt. Baker Washington!

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