Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Washingtontrip part 2, Stevens Pass

Washington part 2!
As I met up with Nick Ennen and Andy Stern in Monroe Washington I new this was going to be a legit trip...the ford f-150 pulled up in front, two sleds on the sled deck and some good tunes bumping...im sure the look of excitement was apparent in my eyes!
I hopped in the luggage filled truck and we rolled up to Kurt Jenson Eco-house. As we arrived up at kurts house we were greates with the cheerful laughs of his daughter and the smiling faces of laura hadar, and Forrest Burki. After a few beers, some shot review, and location deciding we called it a night and hit the sack. I knew tomorrow was going to be a good day with plenty of adventuring to be had.
We arrived up to Stevens pass with a bit of sun poking through and some warm temperatures on hand. We unloaded the sleds grabbed our gear and were on the trail. After a mellow, mile long side hill with a creek bed on one side or a 15ft dropped to concrete we were finally on the actual trail. 
As we came to a clearing I looked up still expecting to see something crazy, instead I just saw a ridiculously sleep empty face with some avalanche sluff. Nick hits the throttle and sores his sled straight up the face, no hesitation, no stopping just blazing a trail. Unfortunately this face was a bit to steep to double up, so I began my hike as Andy, and Forrest got their sleds up the hill.
Another 30 minutes of sledding or so and some avi-slide crossing we breaker for lunch to decide our game plan for the day. The snow was a little wet, weather a bit gray bird, so we decoded to head high and get some tree shelter. As we arrived to the top of the hill I realized this was the pillow zone, almost everywhere we looked were just pillow lines. We blazed a shuttle pack and got all of us up on top the slope with Nick camera in hand.
We made our way down the slope one feature at a time, Forrest taking the first pillows, Andy a little slash, and myself a little dropper. I was trying to ride my best and do anything to impress these guys, I mean my first time filming with them and needed to make sure they know I have what it takes. I put down a few hits and lines and think I accomplished what I needed to. Another party lap and we decided to call it a day. As the clock hit 8pm we were all out of our wet gear in the car and figuring out where to crash for the night, and what zone to hit. Rain was poring down, we were all beat from the day sledding so we retired to kurt's again to get some rest to send it bright and early the next day...

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