Monday, March 21, 2011

Washington trip part 1

Washington trip!
If you've been following my adventures at all you know it's been a contest filled season, as spring comes the contests don't necessarily come to an end. 
I arrived back from the us open with an interesting predicament, two contests were in a week both with different things going for them. On one hand I had "take the lake" a triple jump contest at alpine meadows in Tahoe that I knew would be a super fun time. I figured I got second at the contest last year and had a blast so knew that was a sure good thing. On the other hand I had the ride shakedown at snowqualmie WA. I heard this one wasn't very good last year, but is a 4 star TTR event, and has some very influential people attending ad watching. In the end I decided to go for the smart decision and go to shakedown to help my career out instead of the fun aspect.
In retrospect everything worked out perfect, the contest in Tahoe ended up getting cancled, snoqualmie was super fun, and i think I made a good impression on some key people. With that all said the trip was quite last minute and pretty hectic to set up. I definitely would not have been able to do it with out the help from screamer beanies who put me up at the hotel for the weekend and sims for the money for the plan ticket
The ride shakedown turned out to be one of the most fun contests I rode all year. Awesome vibe, good setup and good people. This Washington trip has even turned another leg towards the best, as I realized upon landing in WA that the wild card productions crew is located here, and I've been meaning to film with them all year.
As the contest came to a close I put a call into my buddy Nick Ennen who kinda runs the show out in the northwest. I met up with Nick and Andy stern in monroe and we headed up to kurt's Eco-house to crash for the night before we headed out to Steven's pass to do some snowmobiling. And at that I'll leave it till the next installment of this Washington blog post. Stay tuned for the rap up of the back country adventures.

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