Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The beginning to the end...

    A few weeks ago I headed out to Utah for the first part of my current adventure. A board bag in one hand with a variety of boards, A duffel with enough clothes to last me two weeks in the wild, and a camera pack with all the essentials. I left DIA with a strange mix of feelings, I knew this was going to be a great trip, but I also knew it was my last big adventure of the winter.
    With this year being my first real year in the wild...traveling the world and experiencing all the snowboard world has to offer, I knew I was going to need plenty of friends and family to help me make it through alive. Utah being so close to home and such a great place I had plenty of resources to draw on. Not only did my parents come out from Oregon to watch me compete in the Dew Tour, but I had Dustin of the Wasatch project to help coach, and plenty of old boulder class mates to hang out with in SLC. 
    As the Dew Tour came to an end, and a week in a half of down time before the next contest I decided to have some fun with the friends around Utah. I started my adventures under the awesome hospitality of the Wasatch project at their house in Ogden. With the team having passes to Snowbasin and Park City it looked like those places were going to be my stomping grounds for the next two weeks.
    You never realize how fast time goes by until its coming to end, after filming with Corbin and Adam at Park City (thank you Mischa and Jeremy Cooper) and taking pow laps at Snowbasin (Thanks Steve Andrus). I packed up my gear and got ready for the next stop of the adventure...Mammoth Mtn. for the US Snowboarding GrandPrix slopestyle.
   I will never forget those few weeks in Utah though, Always great time to be had with great people.
-Thanks again Steve Andrus of Snowbasin, and Jeremy Cooper of Park City you guys made the trip for me!

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