Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you want snowboarders to have a voice please read and check out W.A.S.

If we don’t take a stand today snowboarding will eventually be a sport that we no longer recognize. Currently TV executives, Event Sponsors, and Event organizers make the decisions impacting the future of snowboarding.
This process happens behind the scenes and is decided without any consideration of the athletes that risk their lives for the sport. This type of bureaucracy allows the events to reap profit while most of the athletes struggle to afford travel, housing, and food while attending these events.
“We Are Snowboarding” is a riders union comprised of competitive snowboarders who wish to have their voice heard. WAS is the voice of the professionals athletes that are looking out for the best interests regarding the future of snowboarding.
- We are the riders who make television happen.
- We are the riders that attract big money to events.
- We are the riders who promote sponsors on our backs, boards and helmets.
- We are the individuals risking it our health and life for the sport.
WAS will seek to preserve the sport of snowboarding by making the athletes voices heard.
- WAS will decide a BOARD of active snowboarding Directors
- WAS will internally define the objectives that are most important to the athletes
- WAS will work to develop a healthy schedule for travel and competitions
- WAS will work to bring a satisfactory pay scale for athletes travel and expenses

So please go to and support the cause, this could finally give snowboards the say we deserve.

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