Monday, December 26, 2011

Rev Tour and the Holidays!

The few weeks leading up to Christmas are always a mad house around here. You have one of the biggest contests of the year (Dew Tour), another contest with some crucial points (Rev tour), tons of tourists are in town, friends are riding and trying to hang out, and my Parents are here to do some skiing and catch up. If that mouth full doesn't explain it enough, there is a lot going on.

Now I've giving you a recap of the Dew Tour, not much can be said about hanging with friends and family other than it is very necessary to staying sane. But what I haven't given the recap of is the US Snowboarding Revolution tour.

This contest is hosted by USSA/ FIS which means there is grip of rules and criteria one has to fulfill to even compete. But don't think this is some huge contest because of that. The Revolution tour is a TTR 4 star event and is basically the step between USASA and Professional contests. The fact that it is a TTR 4 star event though draws pro's from all over due to the need for TTR points (the reason I competed). Now with that said it is an open entry contest so anyone can enter, but dont think that makes it easy. Registration closes within ten minutes and the onsite wait list usually tallies in the 60's.

To the recap; as the practice day lift ticket costs money, I decided to spend my time in a more beneficial manor shredding with one of my favorite family's the Herman's accompanied by Tyler. Tommy (8) and Tyler (10) embody all that is right in snowboarding....FUN. I love riding with Tommy because he is such a go getter, not scared to blast from top to bottom but still cautious enough to know his limits. Back to the revolution tour though. At the riders meeting the night before our contest day I found out I was in heat 2 which would have a 25 min practice at 11:50, which was a nice breath of air from expecting to wake up at 6... but also strange not having to ride till 12. After a lap at the super fun Woodward at Copper terrain park I headed over to the Slope Style course to watch some of the competition.

The course honestly was medioker at best. A four feature course with a short steep down rail, 30ft, and 45ft jumps a cannon feature 20ft too close to the landing. Don't take this the wrong way, and Im sure there was greater powers at work (A boss or something) but the course was NO wear close to on par with any other 4 star TTR events. Enough with the negativism though, the day obviously turned out great and with my First podium of the year I was stoked! I got to ride with some good friends, meet mr. Triple Rodeo man (Billy Morgan) himself, and experience a new quick Slope Style course, which is good training I suppose.

At the end of the day it's just another contest, an aspect of snowboarding that is just a bit off, but necessary if your really trying to pursue  a career in the Snowboard world. So with that said here is a little video recap of the event made by Copper, and a quick shot from the podium.

Thanks to Sims Snowboards, Smith Optics, Screamer beanies, Bern helmets, Duette Watches, ThirtyTwo boots, and rafe Tunes for making this possible.

Thanks for tuning in, and may the holidays bring you as much joy as possible.

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