Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Dew Tour @ Breckenridge (Part 1)

So my time here competing in Slope-style at the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge has come to a wrap unfortunately... As the sun drew behind the mountains Thursday afternoon at 3PM I dropped into my first run of Qualifiers. Earlier in the day I had stomped my qualifier run in practice, but with the light dimming and speed changing I was getting a bit nervous of my first trick. As I landed the top rails I rode into the first jump ready for the switch-backside 9, I popped spun, spotted and was ready for the landing. As I hit the Snow I realized I wasn't quite center and couldn't hold onto it. As with any Slope-style run, one fall and your done. So I headed back up to the top to cheer my homies on and get ready for run 2. I had landed my run before and knew all I had to do was make it through that first jump and I was golden (I thought). Unfortunately that wasn't the case...My second run was going great all until the second to last jump. I realized immediately as I popped for the cab 9 (A trick I hadn't fallen on once) that I was going way to fast. As the day had grew late, speed had increased and my normal speed checks weren't enough. I went deep, and was unable to hold on to the landing.

At the end of the day I can be a bit bummed I didn't put my run down. But at least I'm out riding in the Dew Tour with the top pro's in the world. And with that said I'm having a blast, Breckenridge parks put together an amazing course, which I got to ride for 3 day with only the other athletes. And the fact of the matter is it's snowboarding and every moment i'm sliding on the Snow, rail, or flying through the air I can't be complaining. So with that said, I'm going to sip on my Neuro Bliss, hang out with my Parents, and have an amazing time hanging out with all my friends in Breckenridge.

There will always be more contests, more jobs, and many more real life situations. What there wont always be, is opportunities to hang out with my friends and loved ones, while doing what we love. No matter how the day turns out there is always a positive way to look at it. Life is short, so take pride in what you do and make the most out of every situation and opportunity. So thank you Sims, Smith, Bern, Screamer, Duette, and Neuro for helping me be able to do what I love 7 days a week.

Stayed tuned for my Winter Dew Tour @ Breckenridge (Part 2) where I will have photos and video from  the Semifinals, Finals, and a recap of the Nike Chosen rail Jam in down town Breckenridge (which I will be competing in)

Thank you all for checking out my recap (part 1) and you stay classy San Diego!

Heres a course break down with Eric Willett to give you an idea of what we we hitting.

See More Videos at Embed

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