Thursday, December 22, 2011

First "run" Friday/ One Crazy Dew Tour week (Part 2)

As the Dew Tour week has been over for a few days now, life has slowly settled down. The Dew Tour week is nothing short of excitement, wild nights, and amazing maneuvers. To fully sum up Dew Tour in one or two posts is impossible so I'm going to give a brief little recap of the things I was involved in or took photos of. I've already giving a recap of Snowboard Slope style qualifiers so refer to my last post if thats what your interested in. But what I'd like to talk about now is the Nike Chosen Rail Jam

The Nike Chosen Rail Jam was easily one of the coolest rail jams I've ever been involved in. Granted the conditions were a little icy, and there wasn't a whole lot of landing. But the awesome environment and unique features made up for that one hundred fold. With the enormous interest in the event, 50 riders were invited to come out at see if they had what it takes to make it to the finals. Lets just say I guess I had what it took. Of my heat of 10 I was one of 2 to make it to the ten person final where I battled it out against rail jam masters Ryan Paul, Scotty Vine, and Yale Cousino. I'm pretty stoked on the turn out granted I think I rode a little better in the Qualifier, but either way it was an awesome experience and a really fun time.

:To see my full riders perspective featured on Snowboarder magazine and GrindTV click the links below

I have to say the Nike Chosen rail jam was a major highlight of my weekend, but definitely not the only thing going on. After a fun night of some awesome parties, including a dope performance by Yelawolf. everyone rolled up to Breck for a sick rest the week of some amazing riding. As a rider I was allowed to practice the perfect SlopeStyle course made by Breck parks. On this beautiful Friday I had some time management to handle bouncing between practice on the course and shooting photos of Team mate Simon Dumount in the ski Half Pipe Finals. All in all pretty fun beautiful day at Breckenridge.

First "Run" Friday

Stay tuned for a link to all my photos from the Crazy Dew Tour week. Thanks again for stopping in
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