Wednesday, December 7, 2011


About a month and a half ago I was sitting in Boulder waiting for the mountains to open, when I received a  message from Mike Yoshida requesting a profile pictures. For those who don't know, lets just say Mike is a big deal over at Snowboarder Magazine. With that said I got pretty excited for sure, I know Aaron Dodds who has shot all of our Sims ads forever, is on staff at Snowboarder Magazine so I directed Mike's efforts his way.

After that day I didn't think a whole lot about it. I knew I had rode fairly well at super park, and figured maybe I was getting a little shout out in the magazine. To my surprise though, about a week later I got a phone call from Pat Bridges (Editor) which surprised and excited the heck out of me! He told me that Snowboarder Magazine was doing an "On Deck" with me in the Mt. Bachelor Super park issue, and he needed me to answer some questions.

As I typed out my responses to his questions, my eyes lit up imagining the day when I get to see an actual spread with me in Snowboarder Magazine. We all have our goals in life, and for me a big one is ending up in Snowboarder Magazine. To know one of my dreams was coming true put me in the best mood ever.

From that day on, I anxiously awaited that issue to come out, watching news stands, checking online, and crossing my fingers for it to come out soon. That day came much to my surprise. While hanging out in Boulder recharging the batteries and getting ready to go hit some street rails. I noticed a Snowboarder Magazine rack in Satellite with a picture from Super Park on the cover, I flipped through vigorously anticipating the article, and there is 58 with all my sponsors, a shot of my face, and an amazing photo from E-stone. One of my dreams had come true and Thanks to Snowboarder Magazine, All those photographers, Mt. Bachelor, and my Sponsors. I knew at that moment, that this was my chance to make something big out of this year, this was the exposure I had been striving for, for so long.

Thank you everyone that has helped me achieve what I've achieved not only in my snowboarding career, but life as well. And I hope I can make you all proud, and give you something entertaining to follow and watch.

Keep doing what you love!

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  1. Awesome job Seth! You should be extremely proud. I am excited for your achievement and celebrate with you