Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Aspen of Spain

The Aspen of Spain

Adding another resort to my list, we headed up to Baqueira-Beret with our park builder in hand ASP. And Alba, David, and myself hit the slopes ready to make something happen. We knew if there was a chance, it would be here. We asked some patrols and found a spot with a bit of potential... A stumpy tree, with a good run in, plenty of landing and photo possibilities. We shaped a take off, slipped the in run, and decided to let the landing get some sun and see if we could find another spot in the mean time.  We found a cool little hip spot, got the speed dialed and sent it a few times. 

With Alba's great eye, we got some shots, but not quite exactly what we came for. With a new addition to the crew, we headed back to our initial spot. Flashes out and camera ready I gave it a go, not quite sticking it but at least making it over. One more attempt with a solid landing and David came to the plate. Not quite ready for the pop, David got bucked and barley made it over, luckily catching the transition with his back. We each have it one more try and called it a day. Parting ways with the crew Alba and I headed headed to Alba's home town. The next day was my day to be a tourist, Barcelona.

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