Wednesday, February 1, 2012

burton Canadian open practice

Canadian Open Practice A pretty fun day, on a pretty fun course, with some pretty awesome riders has come to an end. As with all Burton Open courses, there was no lack of creativity. A three tear box, a side by side rail, and a redirect provided nothing but options for the riders to figure out. With a whole day of practice, and a really quick chair lift ride, we were all able to get tons of laps which is un-common, yet really nice for a contest. The morning went awesome, stomping the run I want for qualifiers as well as working on some other runs I was pretty stoked!  As we headed out for the afternoon practice, I decided to try and get a little more tech on the rails which didn't quite work in my favor...I took a pretty harsh hip banger on the double rail first run back. not cool!!! I got back on my feet, put a couple more runs down before calling it a day. With conditions getting sketchy; windy, icy, bumpy and sluff on the take offs. I decided to cut my loses, get some physio and call it a day.

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