Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 Canadian Open SlopeStyle results

As quickly as it began it has come to end. Day 1 of Canadian Open SlopeStyle is a wrap with nothing but a great showing from some amazing riders.

For an UNEDITED self cam of the SlopeStyle run check here

With about all my contests these days, as practice ended I was feeling pretty comfortable and ready to put down my run. I had watched many of the riders during practice and new what to expect. I had spent the time and preparation fine tuning my run and getting it dialed for qualifiers. 

My first run started out strong; nailing the rails and rolling into the first jump caring a bit more speed than realized. I popped off the lip and immediatly knew my take off was wrong and i was going too fast. The front 720 came around fine but I hadn't been expecting going this deep and just couldn't hold onto the landing. I instantly knew the run was over and the score was going to be low, but I figured I might as well still get some points on the board. I methoded the 2nd jump and approached the 3rd jump, definitely off my game I sent it and once again couldn't hold onto this one. Throwing run 1 away I chilled and waited for runs 2 to start. Somewhere deep in my head there is still the pressure of trying to move on in the contest. I took 4 deep breaths and dropped in, again top part landed and cruzing into the jumps first one landed and I knew this was the run. Ready to put down the landing gear on the backside 9, I spotted and put my feet down. Not making it as far as I would have liked I hit and tried to not put my hands down, unfortunately this wasn't the case. I gained my composure but with the bobble on the second jump there was no hope, I hit the knuckle and that was all she wrote. At the moment my time competing in the 2012 Canadian Open was over.

Congrats to those 25 of 64 who handled the icy landings and stomped a run, Also congrats to my homie Colin Spencer stomping his Prequalifier running seating him 1st into the qualifier as well as advancing into the Semi-finals on Friday. Good luck to everyone riding in the Semi's, Stomp that Shizz!!!

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