Friday, February 10, 2012

Dew Tour Results for slopestyle are in!

My goal for this last stop of the 2012 Dew Tour, was to make finals... I guess I can say goal accomplished.
With the field getting cut down by the minute with injuries we all prepared outselves for the 2 runs which would decide our weekend. Aside from couple inches of sluff on the take offs and a bit of ruts, you couldnt have asked for a better course. The Guys at Snowbasin definitely put in the work to make it unique and fun. Unfortuantely some interesting weather and conditions made things a little un-predictable and took some riders out.
Now with that said my hat goes off to some amazing riding by my homies Mark Hoyt and Sage Kotsenburg and all the other riders. Mark throwing down a perfect front dub 10 to seal in the first place run, and Sage with sick style top to bottom definitely showed the crowd what could be done on a slopestyle course. As second runs came to an end Mark and Sage still held first and second, while I rounded out the top 3 with Dash Kamp tight on my heels.

To many of the riders including myself the Dew Tour is one of the best contests of the year. The vibe is awesome, the courses are rad, and it really just feels like another fun day hanging with your friends. For those reasons as well as many others making it too the finals is a huge honor. I look forward to some insane tricks and tough competition come sunday morning. Please stay tuned for a video ride through as well as more recaps as the weekend continues.

As always you keep it wild world!

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